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Torx sockets & sets

Asta Tools offers a range of Torx sockets for screw sockets shaped like a 6-point star. These mechanic tools which were patented in the 60s are widely used in automotive and electronics industries for assembling wheels, brake systems or hard drives in computers. Because of the popularity of star-shaped screws, Torx sockets are essential in your workshop set. The fastening tools vary in different sizes according to the screw diameter, but generally, they can be divided into two types: female (Torx socket) and male (Torx bit).

Our Torx sockets are durable and damage resistant, even after repeated use and under high torque. The steel material provides protection against moisture and corrosion, so they can be used in all conditions, including places subject to humidity. Discover also our Asta Tools sets containing different kind of several sockets which you can match to individual screws. Choosing our products, you can be sure of their high quality and compliance with worldwide fixture standards.

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