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Snap ring pliers

Browse the assortment of our recommended snap ring pliers by Asta. These mechanic tools are used to assemble and remove circlips (C-clips, snap rings) and for general works, including rotation of elements, snapping or twisting. Thanks to a design of the implement and the spring mechanism it allows to precise tighten the circlips or unfasten it. Snap ring pliers are made for professional workshop use in machine construction or automotive and household appliances repair.

Our products have specifically designed tips which are fitted for snap rings in a range of standard sizes. They can be straight or angled and bent in different directions, depending on the type and its application. Remember to choose the right model of the snap ring pliers to the circlips. In our shop you will find a wide range of these tools with detailed specification. Here we offer you pliers for use on internal and external snap rings. The tips of the tools are made of solid materials and the handles fit perfectly in a hand of the user.

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