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Ring spanners

When completing a garage tool kit, you can’t omit the rings spanners which you will find in our assortment. These are one of the most popular hand tools used in automotive repairs and assembly works. Thanks to the circular shape it encloses the fastener, enabling to turn it clockwise and anticlockwise. Serration on the inside of the circle provides more secure grip than the open spanner. Therefore, it prevents bolt heads damage or slipping of the wrench.

Asta Tools presents you a range of ring spanners for professional and private use. In the offer we have double ended long spanners which are very compact mechanic tools for work in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, by choosing this 2in1 product you can save much space in your kit. Our spanners are made from hardened chrome molybdenum and have a chrome finish for greater durability. Select the length of the product according to your needs. The longer the key the more torque you can apply. We have types of utensils that range from 390 to 431 and more.

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