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Ratchet wrench

We present you with an assortment of air ratchet wrenches and compressed air impact wrenches to your business or garage. These are the basic mechanic tools you need for assembly and disassembly works. Thanks to the universal use they can be incredibly handy at private workshops as well as in the industry. Asta air tools are light and cordless – work anytime and anywhere you want, not worrying about tangled cables! With the air ratchet wrench of our production the replacement of spark plugs, or a car radiator can be done in a really short time.

Our products are available in different anvil sizes such as 3/8” or 1/4” – for the hardest-to-reach places. Each air ratchet wrench is ergonomically designed to ensure safe and comfortable work with a plastic handle for a better grip. You can choose a mini version or the standard body size, depending on your convenience and specific job. Thanks to the speed adjustment you have full control of these wrenches. Compressed air automotive tools make workshop work much easier and faster and because of that they are perfectly suited for professional and private use.

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